Saturday, March 6, 2010

still question them :)

nampaknya in bukan setakat lepas exam PBL [program-based learning] je..
ini dah sampai tahap habiss cuti...hehe :D
OK here u go bout this QUEST CREW ~

actually there is 10 of them
but im gonna only tell u bout these 7 sick guys :)) :))

*from right
1st : Victor Kim
favorite move: hollowback

well, i discovered bout them starting from a video of him doing some routine in the studio
he surely got strong hands !
i mean to do those routines...
and his 'hollowback' at d last of this video below :)

2nd :  Ryan Feng

i have nothing much to write bout this guy :)

3rd : Steve Terada
favorite move: terada grab

this is the 'flying man' !!
he kicks and kicks while jumping in the air...
its normal for him as he is a martial art instructor

4th : Daniel Ryan Conferido

Ryan is one of the founding member of this crew
this is the sickest guy among them [i think}
he is kinda crazy too :)
flipping here and there  hahaha
he flips and land on his head , flexed knees ~
here a video he doin smth crazy ~

5th : D-Trix [Dominic Sandoval ]

great at spinning routines [ my P.O.V ]
*refer to video on previous post
compilation of ABDC 2009

6th : Brian Hirano

obviously,the tallest of all :)
but never undetestimate this guy
he also can do those routine that sometimes kinda impossible for person with big size like him :)

7th : Hok [Hokuto Konishi ]
favorite move : using hands to play puzzle games

he is REALLY good at playing tricks with his hands
and they're fast too !!
he loves to make cute faces

What makes me like them more is THEY ARE PURPLE !! 
:D :D :D